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Campaign Platform

A Better Us

It's time for South Carolina to do even better.  We have come together so much; the tragedies we have overcome are confirmation of the will we have as South Carolinians.  The will to be strong advocates for social change.  The will to remove barriers that restrict economic growth like the Confederate flag. The will to be better than we were yesterday in the areas of education and youth development.  When Deyaska Spencer is elected to represent the people of SC House District 77 we will continue to advance and progress as a community, District and State.  

About the Candidate

The candidate that serves SC House District 77 should serve the community by being active and involved throughout the District.  Deyaska believes in serving the community through action.  As a young person, she attended schools in Richland County School District One.  While in grade school, her peers elected her to lead them.  While a student at Dreher High School she served as Freshman, Sophomore and Junior class President.  As a senior, she served the entire student body as President.  Service is an integral part of her life and she believes in bettering the lives of the people of SC House District 77.

As a practicing attorney, she actively serves the community through various leadership roles.  She serves on the Board of Directors for Dream Catchers Foundation, a community non-profit focused on reaching under-privileged youth.  She also serves as an advisory board member and reoccurring speaker with Empowered-U another community non-profit that serves youth in SC House District 77.  In addition to community service, she leads in her career.  Of all her peers, she was selected as Young Lawyer of the year in 2015.  From there, she was selected to serve as the State Bar delegate to the American Bar Association House of Delegates.  She served a two-year term as a State bar Delegate.  

Deyaska believes students are central to bettering the Community.  By supporting them, she believes we will thrive as a community.  "An educated workforce will enable us to provide a workforce capable of meeting the business needs of employers that are coming to South Carolina." Join her as we work together to fulfill her campaign promise of A Better Us.  We can and will do better for the people of SC House District 77 if she's elected.

I Need You

We cannot do this without you.  Your support can and will bring fresh leadership to House District 77.  Will you join me?